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Wine Scream® Podcast pulls the heavy pretentious curtain back on the world of Wine, Food, Events and Hospitality exposing the myths and breaking down the misconceptions behind topics such as Wine and Food Pairing and Wine Trends while storytelling through wine experiences. 


Join the fun loving misfits of wine - Lamar Engel, Advanced Certified Sommelier with The Wine Militia and Sonja Rei Strand, Marketing Director for The Wine Militia & Event Designer for Event Brigade as they open up a very down-to-earth dialogue on what makes wine NOT BORING!


Lamar & Sonja talk about the 3 parts of all wines while tasting Jessup Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. Secrets are unveiled about the 2011 vintage of wine from Napa Valley. Sonja delivers a revelation to us all about bird costumes & the power of tasting wine in the present. 

Four canned wines are tasted unbiasedly while Sonja reminisces about Madonna's fashion sense. Lamar reveals some big news about Rosé while prophetically chanting about what the canned wine movement will do to the wine industry. 

Sonja brings a white wine challenge in this hot summer episode. Lamar rattles of his Top 5 white wines. A smugglers' story is told about Roussanne. The two taste through Rhone style white wines from Tablas Creek and Zaca Mesa while sharing stories about their weekly wine adventures.

Lamar & Sonja talk about spying on neighbors and share their 'code names'. Lamar accepts wine challenge - shopping for 3 quality red wines under $20 and taste them. Sonja & Lamar taste 2 bonus wines recommended by local wine shop. 

Episode #1- Wine Is NOT Boring
Episode #2- Can You Shotgun This Canned Wine?
Episode #3- Not Yo Mommas White Wine
Episode #4- Three Quality Red Wines Under $20

Sonja tells a creepy story. Can you taste the heat? Lamar presents a blind tasting challenge of red wines with various alcohol levels. The duo talk bubbles in alcoholic beverages. Lamar deductively tastes a Pumpkin Latte for the first time and explains the physiology of taste buds! Lamar talks about his apocalyptic wine blending experience. Sonja shares her story on how she got to where she is today. Wine Scream T-Shirts are here...and how you get one. Enjoy this double feature length episode!

Episode #5- Three Quality Red WinesUnder $20
Episode #6-  Just North of L.A. (Season 2 Intro)
Episode #7- Day Trippin' in Santa Barbara (Los Olivos)

Sonja and Lamar talk about something that they have been incubating while drinking pinot noir. The two talk about a wine region just to the North of Los Angeles and why it is more unique than any other wine region in California. COVID-19 PSA and a light and the end of the tunnel? Amplifying the wine voice of winemakers and wines to L.A. #blessed

Sonja & Lamar take a (safe & responsible) day trip to Los Olivos in Santa Barbara Wine Country and divulge about their experience at Story of Soil wines, Holus-Bolus tasting room, & Carhartt Vineyards. The duo gush over Grüner Veltliner. Lamar convinces us all that breakfast wines exist while Sonja challenges Lamar on what wine to pair for breakfast burritos all while playing the 'Floor is Lava' and reminiscing about throwback shows brought back on Netflix. Oh and Sonja burns her hair on air.

Latest Episode Tease
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Sonja & Lamar keep it hot and spicy. Four Food & Wine Experiments (DORK ALERT) for those that want to navigate featuring high alcohol red wine, sparkling wine, fruity wine, and sweet wine. Sonja becomes the taste bud test subject while Lamar shares some scary hidden details about one of his high school biology teachers. Sonja may or may not have tried to kill Lamar with some Ghost Chili's. . . just sayin.

Episode 8- Keepin' It Spicy

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